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Asylum applications have a history of being misused in attempts to allow an illegal alien or a person in unlawful status to remain in the United States. In these cases, frivolous asylum petitions were filed by unscrupulous notarios (and even some immigration lawyers) to obtain employment authorization for an illegal alien. 

Because of these past abuses, the law has been changed and now asylum petitions are subject to increased scrutiny for credibility at the time of the asylum interview and sometimes in Immigration Court. If it is determined that an asylum filing was frivolous, the immigrant can face a permanent ban of admission to the United States.

Overall, about half of all asylum applications are denied either at the initial interview or in Immigration Court, and applicants who do not have representation fare much worse (less than 20 percent approval). However, our attorney has prevailed for the vast majority of his clients. We achieve these superior results by carefully selecting clients with strong asylum claims, investing time and energy into preparing our clients for the asylum interview, and offering personal legal representation at the interview here in San Francisco.

If, after an asylum interview, one of our clients is referred to Immigration Court we make insure that ample evidence of actual fear of persecution is presented in court by way of documents and live testimony of our client, his/her family, and expert witnesses regarding country conditions. Our attorney's 30 years of courtroom experience is a major asset in this regard.

If you or a family member has already filed an asylum petition or is contemplating doing so, contact our San Francisco Law Offices for a free consultation. To learn more about the asylum application process, read more about: